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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 22, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> this is a very tough nut to crack. >> the u.s. downplays hopes of peace talks. >> john kerry is unlikely to let the talks fall apart without a fight. >> the clean up is underway after a storm hit the area. >> the water was running so rapidly. they would have been washed down the stream. >> across the bay to around the world. the stories that matter on kpix this morning. >> good morning. it's monday july 22nd . frank's off. i'm brian. >> i'm michelle grio . time is 5:00. as you wake up, we're following breaking news. the duchess of cambridge is in early stages of labor. she was admitted to a hospital this morning. and taking a look at live pictures outside st. mary's hospital. crowds have been gathered for days waiting for the big moment. she's expected to give birth in a private wing.
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alfonso is among the many outside the hospital. >> reporter: the royal wait is on. kate is in labor and in the building behind me, she arrived in the early hours of the morning. >> crowds are growing outside the hospital where prince william's wife kate is in labor. the royal couple arrived by car and slipped through a side door to avoid the crush of media. brits have camped out. >> i keep thinking about her. >> well wishers from around the world are keeping a close eye on bucking ham palace where officials will post the notice. a signed bulletin will be placed on the e asl e. the first phone calls will go to the queen.
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they'll be told whether it's a boy or girl as well as the baby's weight and time of birth. prince william and kate are expected to introduce their baby to the world on these hospital steps. the same steps prince charles and princess diana walked when william was born in 1982. reporters from all over the world clamored to get that show. they are waiting to see the next heir to the thrown. >> reporter: we have not heard from the royal couple but we have heard from the prime minister and archbishop both offering well wishes and prayers for a healthy delivery. back to you. >> and this is obviously a big deal. we've seen the crowds of reporters but people camping out. what's the mood like out there and why are they camping out for this? >> reporter: yes, everybody, i mean, it's unbelievable the
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amount of media crews from around the world. you walk down this street and you will hear italian, spanish, mandorin. the world's press is here along with paparazzi as long as the public is also in front of here, the press will be here. everybody wants to hear when is that baby going to come down. how are the details going to come out and how is the world going to be able to follow every last detail. >> all right. certainly exciting news. and we all watched the royal wedding so now we're going to wait to see what they have too. boy or girl. live in london, thank you so much. >> all right. let's bring it back to the bay area. time to get a look at the foggy start. and nobody better to do that than mr. gray. >> that's right. and we have a lot of fog out there. dense fog out toward the coastline. we have interesting monsoonal clouds rotating across our skies could make for a fascinating day ahead. temperatures mild.
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64 degrees in fairfield . 61 in mountain view and 58 in redwood city. you can see here the monsoonal moisture working its way back. most of it is going to stay south. a slight chance we could see thunderstorms. with that in mind a mixture of sunshine and clouds. average temperatures 60 into san francisco. should be about 88 spot on and livermore about 81 degrees slightly below normal. more on your weather in a moment. let's check out the roads. >> first real crash of the morning. southbound 101 in san francisco approaching caesar chavez. couple cars. let's show you our current drive times out in the east bay. so far nice and light this morning coming in to san francisco. no delay on the upper deck. they did clear the overnight road work. let's go out to the east
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bay. 880. no problems here. all the way up towards downtown. and now taking a check of east bay drive times. westbound 580 up to 21 minutes towards the dublin inter change. and westbound 80 that commute is up to 19 minutes right now. overnight road work has been cleared past 5:00. it was in union city. all lanes are reopened. taking a check along the peninsula. no delay and it continues to move well all the way down towards san bruno. all bart trains running on time. more than 27 trains running with no delay. muni, cal train are off to a great start. that's your latest traffic. back to you guys. >> thanks elizabeth. cate caugurian is covering a developing story in san francisco's bay view district. you are at the hospital where a victim was taken early this
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morning. tell us what the story is about. >> reporter: you are exactly right. the victim and one of the suspects are both recovering here at san francisco general hospital. we have video of this incident from earlier. happened just after 12:15 on the 1600 block. two other men ran in and forced the victim back inside the home in the struggle. the victim was stabbed but expected to be okay. when officers got on scene, they quickly saw one of the suspects trying to get away. that suspect ran back inside the house and tried to jump out of the back window on the first floor where officers were waiting. that suspect fell and possibly broke his leg. officers arrested that suspect, they were able to recover a handgun. two other suspects are on the run and could possibly be armed. reporting live, cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> thanks. one of the suspects
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is described as a black woman about 5 foot 6. and the other a man. both of them wearing all black bothing. new details about a shooting. the man who was shot to death was 24-year-old. whether the shooting on saturday was gang related. officer actually saw it happened and he fired one shot that didn't hit anybody. and then the officer chased down one suspect. >> a good samaritan is killed while trying to help a group of people in a car crash. the man was hit while crossing interstate 280 about 240 yesterday morning. chp says it all started when a car was hit from behind. it slid to a stop on its side. right after that happened, the good samaritan pulled over and hit by 18-year-old driver as he tried to cross the road. >> any time you see a collision
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on the freeway, we recommend people to do not stop on the friday and help. call 911 and let us know what's going on. if you stop, other vehicles cannot see you and your life will be a struggle. >> the good samaritan was 33 years old. >> some fire trucks at sfo have equipment that might have saved a girl who was killed after flight 214 earlier this morning. the truck apparently did not have the technology. the equipment is designed to detect heat from objects on the ground and now required on airport fire trucks but it wasn't installed on all of the trucks at sfo. >> other bay area headlines. the reward has been raised for information leading to the suspect behind the poisoned meat balls. hundreds of them were placed around the city for dogs to eat. one dog died. the legal defense fund says $5,000 is being offered for information
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leading to an arrest and conviction. >> the city of oakland has reached an agreement with two of its largest unions. part of the deal, 3500 city workers would get first raise in 6 years. 1% raise now and 2% next year. >> demonstrated commitment to ending aides. yesterday's annual aides walk raised $2.5 million. the money benefits the san francisco aides foundation and 28 other local organizations helping people with the disease. more than $80 million has been raised for lifesaving programs since 1987. >> 9 minutes after 5:00. a push for peace. john kerry continues the seemingly unending quest for a little tranquility. >> a grizzly discovery outside cleveland. the bodies of three women are found wrapped in plastic. why police think the
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suspect could be a copy cat killer. >> we heard skraech, crack. it was in the blink of an eye. >> wow. a car slams into a building. i was watching that video. it narrowly missed a pedestrian. what may have caused the crash. >> and clouds high and low around the bay area this morning. a slight chance of thunderstorms. we'll talk about that coming up. >> here is a look at that accident in san francisco. a couple cars involved southbound 101 approaching caesar shafb ez -- chavez. ,,,,,,,,,,,, goodnight.
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all right. it's now monday morning. 13 minutes after 5:00. and time for our daily update. >> good morning, guys. the back to work commute. let's take a check at what the roadways look like. san francisco a problem spot. southbound 101 at caesar chavez. a couple cars in this crash blocking one lane. sluggish getting out of san francisco. once you get past the accident scene, everything moves okay. we're not sure about injuries. once you get past caesar chavez towards highway 92 no delay this morning all along the peninsula. and flying over highway 4,
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starting to get a little sluggish around a street. 31 miles per hour. it's pretty much free and clear all the way through the pittsburg bay point. now, take you outside and show you a live look. across the golden grade bridge, it is thick. if your commute takes you around here or the san mateo bridge, fog this morning here. this is the commute mention. 14 minutes out of hayward and coming off of the high rise. eastbound traffic looks good. and one more traffic camera, a live look at 101 this is in san jose. no delay in the commute direction. even though this is an accident northbound 101 which we are watching to see if it causes delays. right now it's in the center divide. that is your latest time saver traffic.
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more on our forecast, here's lawrence. >> you have all the coolest cameras. >> do i? >> they are fancy. you are waking up to a bunch of clouds. low clouds and dense fog. also monsoonal clouds sweeping on by. could make for an interesting afternoon. temperatures running mild in the 50s and 60s outside. by this afternoon, moving into the 80s inland inside the bay. a lot of 60s and 70s out toward the coastline into the 60s. partly cloudy skies, monsoonal clouds wrapping around and area of low pressure. the bay area caught right here in the middle. that will bring clouds in our direction. and slight chance of thunderstorms. could get interesting into southern california. yosemite and lake tahoe, be careful today. good chance you could see thunderstorms. also into frez knee and monterey bay.
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partly cloudy and 92 in ukiah. 80s in good part of the south bay. 81 in san jose. 85 in morgan hill. 62 in pacifica with clouds. well into the 80 s in brendwood and antioch. and 63 in san francisco. next couple days a few more clouds wrapping around the ridge and rotating into the bay area toward the middle of the week a lot of that goes away and more sunshine and very nice summer weather. 90s in the valley. out of the coastline into the 60s out there. no major changes the next 5 to 7 days. >> i like it. consistency. >> i like that. which i like to be consistent. >> you are, actually. >> thank you. let's continue with the
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developing news. major earthquake north western china killed 75 people. happened at 7:45 in the morning chinese time and lasted for about a minute. the quake was 6.6. the chinese red cross is rushing to the area with tents, clothing and household items for the victims. look what happened as 6.9 quake hit near the capital city. things will begin to shake. trust me on this. there they go. woman is rushing for cover. the worst thing you can do is run outside. shouldn't do that. that's what happens outside . stuff falling off of buildings and that's a good way to get killed. between the country's north and south islands. power was knocked out in some areas but nobody was badly hurt. minor damage. >> peace talks could start as soon as this week. secretary of state john kerry made the announcement last friday.
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the palestinians want israel to withdraw settlers. prime minister says that's a nonstarter. kerry is keeping his opinions to himself. >> private conversations are the very best way to preserve the time and the space for progress and understanding when you face difficult complicated issues such as middle east peace. >> kerry has been focused on the middle east making half a dozen trips to the region in first six months at the state department. >> what started out about a call about a foul odor ended with a discovery of bodies. police say they might have a serial killer on their hands. the bodies of three women were found wrapped in trash bags over the weekend. he's a registered sex offender and police believe there might be more victims. >> he really hasn't stated there is any more but hasn't
5:19 am
said anything to make us think there is not. >> the bodies were decomposed. take several days to identify the victims and how they died. madison is expected to be charged today. >> watch this video here. a pedestrian nearly getting run down when a car drove on to a sidewalk and smashed into a building. the car missed the man by only a few feet. the driver got out after hitting the wall and started moving bags around. he was clearly under the influence of something. >> dazed and confused. the eyes were glassy. they found things on him they shouldn't have found on him. >> police are not saying what charges the man faces after this crash. 5:19. coming up, this is no fishtail. how a giant tuna capsized this boat. >> it was a historic night at the british open.
5:20 am
the giants try to get a sweep of the division leaders coming up next. >> what is cool about your school or your camp? you can submit your nomination we may feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ahi tuna pulled anthony wic a fisherman nearly drowned during a struggle with a 230 pound tuna. the fishing line got tangled around his legs. managed to break free. climbed on to his boat and called for help. when friends arrived to retrieve the boat, they found the big catch still attached to the line. >> good morning, everybody. i'll tell you a little secret. i don't always get up to watch the morning news. i go to bed really late but sunday morning i was up at the 6:00 a.m. to watch something pretty historic. 17 majors and counting without a win for tiger woods. he shot a 3 over 74 in the british open. he just isn't the same player. phil mickelson on the other hand, brilliant. five shots down he was.
5:24 am
he closed a best finishing round ever. 5 under 66 to win in his first british open. great chance to tie the game for the giants. pablo found the gap. tried to score from first. he was a dead duck. third base coach. so did the giants, 3 to 1. the as didn't have two losses. there goes the second home run of the year after scoring just one run in the first two games. 6 on the board yesterday. bartolo is going to get attention if he continues to pitch. major league leading of the season with the as win 6-0. that's it, everybody. i guarantee the rest of this week i will be up -- what time does it start? 4:30 in the morning. i will be there. have a great day
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, everybody. >> no michelle? just frank? frank's not even here. our play of the day. the finish of the tour de france. enjoyed a glass of champaign during the final stage and he crossed the finish line arm in arm with his teammates and celebrates the first title. runner up last year and wore the yellow shirt for more half of the stages this year. congratulations. >> 25 minutes after 5:00. coming up, distracted driver . new details are revealing what the man behind the wheel was doing minutes before this fatal fire. >> reporter: a victim is recovering after he was stabbed in attempted home robbery. how one of the suspects was caught trying to get away. ,,
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this is kpix 5 news. >> baby on the way. kate middleton goes into labor. a look at the media frenzy outside the hospital. >> reporter: and we're live in san francisco where police broke up an attempted robbery. how the suspects were able to convince the homeowner to let him inside. >> summer monsoonal clouds back into the bay area. we'll talk about it coming up. >> if your commute takes you towards the bay bridge, upper deck road work has been cleared. a check of your bay area drive time. >> hello, hi and welcome back. monday july 22nd. frank is watching from home. >> i doubt he's watching. i'm michelle griego. time is 5:29. right now the royal baby is on its way. live pictures now outside the london hospital where the duchess of cambridge was admitted early this morning.
5:30 am
>> she's reportedly in the early stages of labor. expected to give birth in a private wing where husband william and his brother harry were born. as long as ten days before the baby's name is announced. even longer before the public gets a glimpse. >> they are ready. >> we have to wait ten more days? i don't know if i can contain myself. >> i'm sure. >> boy or girl? >> i'm thinking a boy but they were hinting toward a girl. >> i think that was a fake out. that's just me. brian is like whatever. >> excellent. i think you are right. folks, around the bay area, starting out with low clouds down below. dense fog as you approach the coastline. monsoonal clouds across the skies as well. little bit of everything to begin the day so far. the temperatures are very mild outside. 58 degrees in oakland. 58 in san jose and 55 in san francisco. some spots inland sneak into the 60s.
5:31 am
the clouds rotating across our skies. and moving on through bringing with it a slight chance of thunderstorms for today. temperature wise should be very nice. about 81 in san jose. 79 in milpitas. east bay temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. and as you head inside. 63 in san francisco . and should be a pleasant 70 in oakland. more on your weather in a moment. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. continue to talk about san francisco. had an earlier problem. we'll get right to the scene just reopened all lanes. that's the good news. the bad news is a slight residual back up. just a heads up if you are coming off the upper deck of the bay bridge. slight delays into san francisco. also starting to see break lights now coming through the pass and the livermore valley. our drive time turns to slow. 25 minutes now. and the delays begin
5:32 am
on 205 out of tracy. but the east shore freeway both free and clear. back to you. >> kpix reporter cate caugurian is following the latest developments in a home invasion in the bay view district. you are at san francisco general where two people were taken to the hospital. >> reporter: yes, the victim and the suspect. the victim was stabbed but we're told is expected to be okay. the whole incident started just after 12:15 this morning on the 1600 block. three suspects were involved. one of those suspects talked to the victim and coerced him to open his front gate. then the two other suspects ran in and forced the victim back in the home. and the struggle one of the suspects stabbed the victim. the officers arrived and saw another suspect trying to get away. that suspect ran inside the home and tried to jump out of the back first floor window. that's where officers
5:33 am
were waiting for him. that suspect fell pretty hard. we are hearing he may have broken his leg and taken here to san francisco general hospital. back to you. >> we know the victim was stabbed but do we know if the suspects were armed with other weapons? >> reporter: when the police arrested the suspect they found he had a handgun. there were three suspects involved. two of them on the loose and police believe they could be armed with a handgun. >> cate caugurian live in san francisco. thank you. >> two months after five women died in a burning limo. the driver's estranged wife says she may know what contributed. she says she was on the phone with the driver moments before the crash. >> yes. and they were fighting and talking over loud music. the driver had been arguing while he was driving and possibly when the fire broke out. she says he turned up the
5:34 am
music so the women in the limo could not hear their fight. earlier they had a fight which the police were called. and that night he had nine women in the limo. they were riding over the san mateo bridge when the women started feeling with smoke. he admitted in an interview that he misunderstood the women thinking they wanted permission to smoke and ignored their warning. >> do we know what cause the the fire? >> reporter: the report was supposed to be released in june. we don't know why it's late. but mechanical fail tour is suspected of causing that fire. >> all right. sue kwon in the news room. thanks. >> justice for trayvon drew a crowd to city hall. one of many protests across the country.
5:35 am
the group marched a few blocks to the federal building in san jose. about 100 people demonstrated in the same spot a week ago. a series of peaceful protests were held in oakland this weekend. violence and vandalism broke out following the acquittal the previous weekend. instead, police say hundreds of people peacefully demonstrated in three separate rallies and there were no arrests. in houston, police were walking with demonstrators every step of the way. law enforcement stepped up their numbers out of concern yesterday's protest could turn violent. a pro george zimmerman rally was being held. the march ended with no arrests and no acts of violence. >> senator john mccain says the state should reexamine laws like stand your ground. >> stand your ground law may be something that needs to be
5:36 am
reviewed. >> by the florida legislature or any other legislature. obviously, a lot of things need to come up for review. >> george zimmerman's defense didn't cite. he said he shot the unarmed teen in self defense. >> a captain is in custody after evading the u.s. coast guard. the sailboat was spotted yesterday afternoon in richardson bay with no flying flag or identifiable markings. the captain sailed away. the coast guard stopped the boat near the golden gate bridge and arrested the captain. >> a race car driver was seriously hurt in a crash at the speedway. firefighters had to cut open the car. his carolled over saturday night at the contra costa fair grounds. the race was called off after the accident. going to go before a judge
5:37 am
starting tomorrow. lots riding on the outcome of the hearing. san jose's budget is relying on $20 million from voter reform known as measure b. a city win in court could add tens of millions of dollars in savings. city workers want to keep the city from taking more out of their paychecks to fund the pension. >> 5:37. coming up. back to school battle. why shopping for school supplies has become a parental headache. >> you are not answering it honestly. >> tempers flaring. what's causing politics to become dirty business. >> and this is no movie stunt. the real life rescue at comic con in san diego. ,,,,,,
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so you can fuel more than your car. get 5% cash back at gas stations this quarter. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. what is she doing? >> no, what are you doing? >> this poor woman was attempting to commit suicide and looked like a scene from a movie. three stuntmen became heroes after rescuing a woman dangling from a balcony. the stuntmen were across the street at the time preparing for an event when they jumped into action. they accessed the
5:41 am
building and broke into the woman's apartment before grabbing her off the ledge. she was taken to a hospital for medical evaluation. hopefully at least that part ended well. stock futures are down a little. >> the new week of trading begins in 45 minutes. ashley joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy monday, everyone. on wall street investors will be keeping a sharp eye on tech earnings. netflix, apple and amazon are a few of the heavy hitters that will be reporting results this week. on friday, microsoft and google sent stocks tumbling. jury selection begins today against toyota. in 2006 a 66-year-old california woman was killed when her camera crashed. her pedal got stuck and she hit
5:42 am
speeds up to 100 miles an hour. toyota is denying that allegation. facing more than 80 similar cases. more pain at the pump for drivers. the average nationwide price for a gallon of gas is at $3 .67. that is up 12 cents from just one week ago. last year a gallon cost $3.46. 12 cents in one week. they need to hit the brakes on that. >> do you remember when gas was 99 cents a gallon? >> it was less than that because i had an moped and could fill that up for $3. way back in the day. >> all right, ashley. back to school shopping . apparently it's a battle in many homes. >> yes, i'll be joining you with this battle. school is still a month away but families are starting their back to school shopping. yeah, it's
5:43 am
quite stressful apparently. parents and children told they argue how much to buy. they want smart phones and tablets. but parents are pushing for old school items like notebooks, pencils and books. since we are going down memory lane. do you remember the trapper keeper i used to get so excited. >> i had a turquoise one. >> what's a trapper keeper? >> what do you mean? we're going to have to get you one. >> we'll get him caught up. ashley, thanks so much . have a great monday. >> i've always wanted to keep a trap. >> apple says it is over hauling developer systems after getting hacked. apple sent an email yesterday to explain what happened. an intruder tried to get personal information about registered developers and that
5:44 am
information was encrypted but can't rule out the possibility the hack ergot information. >> dozens of evacuees are back at their homes. firefighters got a handle on the southern california mountain fire. evacuation orders were lifted for idyllwild. 50% containment on the 42 square mile fire. the fire started early last week. and rescue crews dropped a life line to stranded drivers in phoenix, arizona. look at the flash floods that swept through yesterday. clean ups underway this morning. the storm brought as much as 2 inches of rain an hour and that's a result that left mud behind. emergency crews spent a lot of the day surrounded by wild waters. >> it's pretty bad. the worst i have seen so far, i've lived here for three years. >> got out of the vehicle and sitting on top of it. the water was so high you couldn't see the
5:45 am
vehicle. >> nearly a dozen car crashes were reported at the peak of yesterday's storm. light rain in santa barbara and that is a puzzlement from july. lawrence and i are puzzled by -- >> trapper keepers? >> yes. we're still thinking of that. >> kept all of your folders and papers in place. >> and called it trapper keeper. >> still don't get it. >> we have some changes coming our way. monsoonal moisture wrapping around. also down below, low clouds and thick fog. especially approaching the coastline. watch out for that. as we head toward the afternoon, mix of sunshine and monsoonal clouds and slight chance we could see thunderstorms through tomorrow. you can see what's happening here. all the wrap around moisture through the ridge and low off the coastline. really filtering back in up toward the bay area.
5:46 am
we've got a slight chance in there for today. only about 20% chance and looks like in toward latter part of the week, that goes away. possible delays on arriving flights. delays headed toward new york as they are seeing thunderstorms there. expect to see thunderstorms throughout the day. 82 in new york. 88 degrees chance of thunderstorms in chicago. and a chance hot weather and thunderstorms into houston at 99 degrees. around the bay today , temperatures soaring to 81 degrees. and a mixture of sunshine and clouds into san jose. 62 and cloudy. mid to upper 80 s in many spots inland. inside the bay, temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. next couple days, slight chance of thunderstorms with a monsoonal clouds. then more sunshine toward wednesday and thursday. and temperatures hold steady into next weekend. >> i remember the trapper
5:47 am
keeper too. along with the free bag and lisa frank sticker books. very 1985. all right. let's go out to san francisco. want to update you on this accident. sts still blocking lanes and the new location is southbound 101. we are seeing some pretty good sized delays. and silver avenue off ramp is shut down while they work to clear it. it is an injury crash. just a heads up, they are looking to clear it right now. we will go flying over the altamont pass. brake lights beginning frg 205 and continues past vasco road. we are seeing some improvement approaching hacienda. and going eastbound, there was still that overnight road work. that is scheduled to wrap up at 9:00 this morning. we are seeing brake lights going against the commute.
5:48 am
it's both directions busy right now. westbound highway 4 pretty sluggish. one of our live speed sensors saying 15 miles an hour there. everything moves better. fewer brake lights in the westbound lanes. and taking you outside, live look over at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. fast track users, still no delay getting into san francisco. and we'll let you know as soon as they turn those metering lights on. that is your latest traffic. back to you. >> new this morning, pope francis will arrive for his first major international tour. estimated 2.5 million people are expected to arrive to see the pope during his visit. despite recent riots, the pope will not ride in the bulletproof pope mobile because he wants to be closer to the faithful. >> so much for hot tubs and
5:49 am
easy times. the laid back political lifestyle is turning ugly. passions from the general public are spilling over at the board of supervisors and confrontations are happening more frequently like the development of affordable housing. and one county supervisor has even received death threats for voting to give $250,000 to planned parenthood. >> the level of discourse in our community right now has devolved. >> one possible reason is that the people have invested a lot of money in their homes are more driven and more assertive. >> bay area has a big bird problem. the seagull population is soaring to new heights. grown more than 40% in the last two years. and the birds aren't always welcome. they are colliding with airplanes, swarming landfills and killing
5:50 am
often dangered species. second largest population of california gulls in the world. the bay area's largest colonies are in union city, fremont, san jose and palo alto. >> more kids are getting hurt from falling televisions. more than 17,000 children are treated in the emergency room for tv related injuries. that's 125% higher than in 1990. injuries to the head and neck are most common. better awareness is needed about the dangers of placing older model tv sets on top of furniture. watch out for the hot sauce. checked 25 bottles of hot sauce sold in the u.s. they found four brands with led levels exceeding u.s. food and drug administration.
5:51 am
sal ahabanera. el pato salsa picante. working to save endangered species by breeding. >> successfully born at the cincinnati zoo. plan to breed with his older sister. with his older sister? the plan isn't ideal but a necessary move to save the species. there are fewer than 100 sumatran rhinos left. >> there are a lot of conservationists without there who believe it's important to save the species. we can tolerate inbreeding. >> taken from the los angeles zoo for the mating attempt. >> time now is 5:51. coming up, the duchess is in labor.
5:52 am
what will kate and william name their baby? we have the best bets. >> and forget the runaway bride. why this groom had to ditch his own wedding. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
5:54 am
became an unforgetabble one- when the wedding party cameo the rescue durin a couple's big day definitely became an unforgettable one when a wedding party came to the rescue. victor saw smoke coming from a nearby stable filled with horses. so he grabbed the grooms man and grabbed into the stable. >> i was the first one to go into the stall. you could see the flame coming out. >> victor had to be taken to the hospital for smoke
5:55 am
inhalation. he's going to be okay. saving the horses was something he had to do regardless of his wedding day. that's great. the duchess of cambridge is in labor as we speak and preparing for this day for months. >> much of that preparation was placing bets on baby's name. 3 to 1 odds on welcoming a baby girl. odds on a baby boy stand at 9 to 4. >> for girl names people favor victoria, diana, elizabeth and charlotte. and george, phillip and charles are in the running of the boy. most of the names come from members. >> wouldn't it be great if diane? >> sure. we're going to wait about ten days to find out. >> we'll see. >> 5:55. take you to london on the royal baby watch. who is getting a phone call and what
5:56 am
the palace is doing for the first time ever. >> reporter: we're live at san francisco general where a victim is recovering. details in a live report. >> a tragic twist. a passenger run over has a missing piece of technology that may have saved her life. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. getting crazy. nothing is happening. >> the world on royal baby watch as the duchess of cambridge goes into labor. >> once the royal heir is born, the first phone call will go to the queen. >> limo driver was arguing on the phone before a deadly fire. >> to watch this long limo just engulf in flames is just a nightmare. >> it all happened very quickly. >> a good samaritan killed while stopping to help the victims of a crash. >> this is a tough nut to
6:00 am
crack. >> the u.s. downplays hopes of peace talks. >> john kerry is unlikely to let the talks fall apart without a fight. >> the clean up is underway in phoenix this morning after a storm hit the area. >> the water was running rapidly. they would have been washed down the stream. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> good morning, friends. this is monday july 22nd. i'm brian. frank is off this morning. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00 . as you wake up this morning, we're following breaking news. the duchess of cambridge has been in labor for about 7 hours now. she was admitted to a london hospital early this morning. taking a look at live pictures outside st. mary's hospital, this is where crowds of reporters and photographers have been gathered for days waiting for this big moment. and this is a live look now at buckingham p


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